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Doostan is a registered charity in England and Wales No: 1139464
Manchester Doostan
Doostan Manchester is affiliated to Doostan Charity in London and began life in 2007. The branch’s aim is to build a strong community of like-minded people in Manchester who share their goal of promoting Middle Eastern art, culture, business network and ultimately raising money for educational causes.
Doostan Manchester believes in a world without illiteracy, where children have equitable access and sufficient resources to begin and continue with their education. In carrying out our activities, all members adhere to charter of principles that form the foundation of our commitment;
  • All members work on a voluntary basis and receive no paid fee or financial benefits of any kind for their contribution.
  • We are non-political, transparent and non-discriminatory. We welcome all ethnicities, opinions, race, colour, creed, religions, sex and social class.
Doostan maintains its moral and financial independence and does not act consciously in the interest of any government.
We are grateful to our patrons, sponsors, and donators who support us financially and morally.
You can make a meaningful difference to the lives of deprived children in the most needy parts of the world by joining us in our endeavour to building schools in these areas.

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Manchester Doostan.
Our Sponsors
The following corporations and individuals have made either financial donations or underwritten the cost of our events.

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We need all your help to give these children a better future.
Registered charity: 1139464

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