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Athens Classic Marathon - Raise money for the Doostan charity
Javad Chakmagi
Classic MarathonThe Athens Classic Marathon is not just a sporting event, a hard race, a tough course of 42,195m. More than that, the Athens Classic Marathon is a bridge that unifies the legend with history; it showcases the strength of human will; it is a fountain of values, of social liability, environmental sensitivity, friendship and solidarity. In 2010, we celebrated in Athens the 2,500 years' anniversary from the Marathon Battle in a glorious event that will mark the future of the international Marathon movement.

This year, on November 13, Mr Javad Chakmagi is going to run in the Athens Marathon to raise money for the Doostan charity.

About Javad Chakmagi
I am UK citizen, have been a member of Doostan Manchester more or less since the inception, have helped in the organisation of all Doostan Manchester dinner dance events. I graduated from Manchester University in computer Engineering and IT business applications. Currently am freelance project manager for IT & Business Process Redesign deployment. I got in to the Athens Classic Marathon race last year as I was managing a project and living in Athens.
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