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Doostan is a registered charity in England and Wales No: 1139464
About Doostan
Doostan is a registered charity in England and Wales. It was originally founded as a Social Club, in 2000, at a gathering of friends from various backgrounds and living in different parts of the UK.

In 2002, Doostan Limited, a non-profit organisation, was established to promote and raise funds for building schools in the remote and deprived regions of Middle East and Africa. Our fund-raising is based on annual events and donations from the public.

Doostan members are all volunteers and do not charge the charity for any of their services and this includes their trips to the building sites to inspect the progress of the construction of the schools.

We always identify a local non-government organisation in the country of construction and a local lawyer to represent us during the contract signature and the payments as the building progresses.

Our Sponsors
The following corporations and individuals have made either financial donations or underwritten the cost of our events.

You can also donate online through "Justgiving", by clicking the button below.
We need all your help to give these children a better future.
Registered charity: 1139464

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