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Doostan is a registered charity in England and Wales No: 1139464
Doostan would like to announce the contract signature, on Sunday 23rd October 2016, of their 6th school to be built in Bushehr, in the south of Iran, for visually impaired children.

This will give hope to these children and allow them a chance of to become more independent and have a more fulfilling life.

The school - floor plans and cross-sections in our gallery pages - is on 3 floors and has 9 classes and a number of administrative and rooms for the training and development of different skills for these children.

Although the school is defined as a primary school, but we anticipate that the facilities can be also be used after hours by older children and adults suffering from visual impairment.

This is an exceptionally exciting and one of its most expensive projects that Doostan has taken on. The school is expected to be one of the largest such facility (facilities) in the Middle East and the decision on location was partly taken by the high number of the visually impaired in the area. The construction will start in 2017 and expected to complete in 2018. We hope to have our first children enrolled in September 2018.

This project will need a greater financial commitment from Doostan to provide additional support in terms of books in Braille, specialised type-writers/printers, specialised computers with applications and functionality supporting visually impaired. We also aim to support their psychological and pastoral health by promoting music lessons which have been found to be of particular benefit to these children.
As always, we will keep you updated on our progress and hope you in turn can support us by your donations and sponsorship.

One of the major options which we will highlight later in the project will be the School Naming Auction. For some of our previous schools, the school name has been auctioned and won by donations of between £20,000 and £35,000 and we hope to be able to raise similar interests for this school. Let us know if you are interested and consider naming this wonderful school in your family name or one of your parents. A legacy to be remembered by whole generations to come.

About Doostan - Doostan is a registered charity in England and Wales. We have so far built and delivered 5 schools in different areas of Iran focusing on the local geographic or demographic needs. Doostan board and management work pro bono and all the funds raised or donations made to Doostan are spent to build or maintain our schools.
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Doostan is a registered charity in England and Wales. It was originally founded as a Social Club, in 2000, at a gathering of friends from various backgrounds and living in different parts of the UK.

In 2002, Doostan Limited, a non-profit organisation, was established to promote and raise funds for building schools in the remote and deprived regions of developing countries.
Our Schools
Doostan Doostan 5: Located in Asadieh.
This is a 9 class “kar-o-danesh” school, including a library and Science Labs. Doostan contribution is circa £80,000. Construction completed and the school was opened in September 2015.

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We need all your help to give these children a better future.